These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today

These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today

These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today – Especially during the pandemic, communication softwares and apps are crucially needed. People need the right kind of tool to communicate without leaving their home. With mobile phone is the most practical device, communication apps are the most essentials. Among so many options, the following apps are the most popular right now.

– Zoom
Enabling users to meet with multiple audiences at once, this app makes one of the most favorable one today. Zoom allows teachers and lecturers to hold an online class, which makes it a real solution for school during the pandemic. From kindergarten to colleges and universities use this app, which explain high ratio of download.

Despite the security issue found recently, Zoom still remains number one options when it comes to online communication. Aside from the academic scope, companies hold their meetings with Zoom as well, enabling them to still run the business without the need to go to the office.

– Whatsapp
Whatsapp is getting more and more popular. This app allows us to communicate with people on our contact anytime in most comfortable way. Whatsapp first offered only chat to users. However with the development on its features, users can now make video calls, sending audio text, and more.

Unlike Zoom that can be downloaded and used by multiple, Whatsapp only allows few people to be in a video chatting session. However, it is enough for a small team meeting. While the previous app is in mass category, Whatsapp is more a personal chat engine.  this app can be downloaded on mobile phone for personal use.

– Google Meet
Google Meet is the rebranded name for Hangout meeting. This app is getting more popular as it is free and it allows up to 1000 participants in a single video meeting session. User needs to make a Google account, and they only need to login using this account to join a meeting.

Google Meet has been a great part of schools and companies today. Many families also decide to set up their own meeting to keep in touch during the pandemic. Good quality video, secure session, and integrated features allow users to do more during the video meeting.

If you are facing challenges in communication during the corona pandemic these days, one of the apps above should be helpful to bridge it.