Go Through Beyond the Walls Using WIFI

Go Through Beyond the Walls Using WIFI

Go through Beyond the walls Using WIFI – Invention in communication technology becomes massive in this last five years. All inventors doing more research about their findings only to fulfill human’s needs. Communication now is much easier while you can sit in a room while you meet virtually with your friends.

This also helps a lot when you need to meet someone far away for where you are, and technology can make the distance feels closer. For example, you can play live sbobet in also meet and communicate with new people as if they are near you. After knowing about the importance of communication technology, the next question is what is the most mind-blowing communication technology that might be invented and help human a lot?

– See Through Walls? Use WIFI
Few years ago, WIFI is only a wireless signal that can help you to connect your devices to the internet without using any cable. In 2018, finally the scientist can find that WIFI usually can help human to see what is inside the room or behind the walls without seeing it directly.

In other words, you can just say that walls are transparent because you can see it using WIFI signals. But then, how does it work?

  • WIFI Transmitter
    The main point is using WIFI transmitter to transmit the signal to devices. To see what is behind the walls or what is inside the room, you have to make sure that WIFI transmitter can transmit the signal in the room that you mean.
  • Changing Signals to Lights
    After that, prepare an app in your smartphone or laptop. This certain app can make the WIFI signals itself change into lights inside the room. Using lights, you can see what is inside the room in form of a picture. Either seeing human, or things.

This invention actually still in a development process to make sure that it is safe to be used globally due to the privacy issue in it.

– Distorted Process to WIFI Lights
The development is also talking about the safety of distorted WIFI signals into WIFI lights. Why this invention has not used globally now is because the inventors still development the safety of using this invention.

In some country, privacy issue must be the main problem of accepting this new technology. However, this is kind a mind-blowing invention from communication technology, because finally we can see that more than just connecting our gadget to the internet, we also can use WIFI to see what is behind the walls.

Now the room and even wall can possibly become transparent. Using WIFI light to see might be very useful to secure some important area, but this invention still need to be develop until one it can be used globally.