Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era

Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era

Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era – Communication is being one of the most important part in human life. As the effect of human needs communication now represent the fastest progress and very dynamic through years. Few years ago, people can contact someone that far away from them through voice call. This technology was highly celebrated just as how people welcome games into online forms as accessible.

And now, they can contact each other via video call and playing online live poker. More than just talking from one another, the new discovery shows brain-to-brain communication as telepathy in modern era.

What is Brain-to-Brain Communication?
The new invention shows that human brain can transfer signal that can be translated to another brain. In the past, this kind of communication is called telepathy. People usually relate telepathy to supernatural things as ghosts or the unseen. Now, telepathy can be scientifically proved. It is developed by physicist and neuroscientist.
These are some findings from the inventors:

  • WIfi Signals
    The inventors find that actually brain works like WIFI signal. It can transmitted signal to outside the brain itself.
  • Electromagnetic Waves
    To prove about telepathy or brain-to-brain communication, the inventors find that brain transmitted electromagnetic waves that can be captured with particular machines, and this signal can be translated by another brain.
    Brain-to-Brain communication aim to be one of communication way between human in the future, but it also can be an armor for countries. Thus, the researcher still develop this finding to make it perfect before sell it or can be used as an armor in countries. It is possibly used in public as well, but maybe in the future.
    How Does It Work?
    Brain-to-Brain communication basically has the same way as telephone call, but this only use some machine and human’s brain. This is the way it works:
  • Electro Encephalograms (EEG)
    This is one of the most important machine to record human’s electromagnetic wave from the brain. This machine will record this when someone’s thinking, and then make it into a statistic that can be read.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS)
    Based on the recorded from EEG machine, Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) will translate it directly to another human brain. It could be a proof that brains can communicate each other in the way the think and also from electromagnetic wave that they have made.
Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy

However, this new way of communicate, Brain-to-Brain communication still need many evaluation and development to be ready to use for public. If in the past, telepathy is only a kind of superstitious, now it proves that telepathy can be scientifically acceptable even for neuroscientist and also for physicist.