3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic Learning is Never the Same

3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic: Learning is Never the Same

3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic: Learning is Never the Same – The term COVID-19 was foreign for almost all. All of us don’t realize the existence, let alone predicting the pandemic. While situation changes, students need to stay home during this emergency, and this is when technologies in communication takes on even bigger role than it was. These three technologies remain the most dependable so far.

1. Video Call
This technology has been used widely in almost all aspects, from commercial to private. While calling like usual still do, video calling is often more satisfying. It allows two or more people to see each other while they are talking. This has been a helpful technology especially for those who need to live with distance between them.

During the pandemic, this has been the most popular technology for both teacher and students to contact each other. While pandemic doesn’t allow any school to open a class, online explanation is totally possible using video call feature.

2. Email
Emailing has been crucial in daily life. Especially for commercial field, emailing allows all to get all documents and procedures on going in an effective way. However, younger generation use this just moderately. With so many chatting apps and social media, students commonly communicate with email only for few occasions.

However with pandemic, students don’t get the usual lessons at school or campus so emailing takes even more crucial parts. Sending reports and assignments are done using email too among others, so it makes a fundamental communication for now. Of course, chatting apps, and social media, but emailing has been a crucial part of every day now.

3. Online Conference
This technology solves almost all challenges, if not all, of teaching learning activities during pandemic. Several lessons need teachers’ explanation, and online conference allows teachers to transfer the knowledge as if pandemic isn’t happening. Minimizing the risk of virus exposure, meeting online allows students to gain what they deserve in a safer way from home.

With so many new platforms are invented for this, schools and companies can still run almost normal during this pandemic with more options too.

While pandemic dominates this year, the invention of new technologies and platforms on communication means are pleasing. Online communication gets even more crucial than ever, which solves things during this trouble moment.