The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 Edition

The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 Edition

Samsung is known as one of the biggest and the best smart phone manufacturers, especially those are based on the Android operating system. For your information, as one of the best smart phone manufacturers, in the year of 2018, Samsung has released some of the best smart phones that have been standing on the top of the list of the best smart phones. If you are curious, here are some of the best smart phones from Samsung for the 2018 edition.

The first one is Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Many of you will surely have known the greatness of the Samsung Galaxy Note and this is Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which means the quality is something that you should not ask anymore. This smart phone was released around the beginning of 2018 and that means this smart phone has been on the market for some times. However, the popularity of this smart phone is still one of the best that many people are looking for. That is one reason why the price of this smart phone from Samsung is still ranging more than 700 dollars.

The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 EditionThe next one is Samsung Galaxy S9. This smart phone is something that many people are waiting for this year because the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released last year so that many of them are expecting this new smart phone from Samsung will be released around the fourth quarter of 2018. Information but the phone you can find, this smart phone is considered as the evolution of Samsung Galaxy S8. That is because most of the things are quite similar, but there are some improvements and upgrades on this new Samsung Galaxy S9, especially from the performance parts. If you think this is the smart phone that you are waiting for, you need to start saving from now on because this Samsung galaxy S9 is going to be expensive.


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