The Disadvantages of Information Systems

The Disadvantages of Information Systems

Despite of many advantages that can be obtained from the implementation of the information systems in the business run by the companies, it can’t be denied that these advanced systems in technology create its own problems. There are several disadvantages of information systems in our life.
– Disadvantages
There are several disadvantages that can occur from the implementation of information systems. The impact can influence human, culture and even country. What are they?

– Lack of Work Security and Unemployment
From the negative impacts of the information systems, the main concern is on the change of the manual work done by employees are being replaced by computer systems. Why? Because when the companies use the information system, they can save much more time to complete the tasks and also several labor mechanic jobs.

Most paperwork can be finished in such quick time, the financial transactions can be calculated automatically, and many more. As the technology is being developed to be more and more sophisticated, the tasks which are previously done by employees, now they are being completed automatically by computer systems.

You can see that some companies are now using the automated phone answering machine despite of the live receptionists. Many business experts consider that the advanced technology especially internet has created such insecurity on the human jobs. It means that the employees need to continue their learning process if they want to secure their job in the future.

The Disadvantages of Information Systems– Issues on Securities
The advanced information systems may attract hackers and thieves to get the access to the companies’ data especially on the identities. The data may include the personal data of the managements, the intellectual properties, bank records, vendor information, and many more. the hackers may distribute the companies’ data to the internet or sell the data to the rival companies or use the data to destroy the images of the companies.

For example: the hackers targeted the companies and hijack their customer information. Then, they distribute the credit card data and the social security numbers of the customers online. By doing so, the trust of the customers to the companies can be in questions and it will only bring such loss to the companies.

If the companies want to use the information systems, it is better to check its security in advanced. Make sure that they have high end security system to block any hackers who want to steal their data. Hopefully, the disadvantages of information systems won’t happen.