Communication Technology Spotlight 2019

Communication Technology Spotlight 2019 – Communication technology now becomes the most important part for many people. Some people wait for the progress of communication development. In 2019, there are some important developments in communication. For the spotlight list of 2019, these are some new communication technology. People can use it as the way to make communication easier.
– 6G Technology
After 4G, 4.5G, and 5G, now communication comes with its latest invention; 6G. 6G is the newest development that some people claim it as the fastest way to communicate with smartphone or internet. Why 6G is better than 5G, here are some reasons:

Become a Standard
After 4G and 5G, now standard speed on communication is increasing. 6G now become the speed standard of internet speed and communication via smartphone. It provides faster speed and it is accessible globally. This doesn’t affect live poker games yet, but it affects other fields including business.

– Larger Scope
As the latest technology, 6G target is all around the world with a very large area. So, people all around the world can access 6G everywhere they are

– Development Version of 5G
In the beginning of its invention, 5G becomes one of the best technology, but some researcher find that 5G failed to fulfill the target of being the new standard of communication. Learn of that failure, now 6G comes as the development version of 5G, and 6G comes in a better version.

– Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)
In 2019, Google comes with their latest invention. Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) is kind a machine that possible to operate as the substitute of human machine. Usually people call it Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology could recognize many things and also many languages as human usually do. These are some fun facts about Google’s TPU:

– AI Accelerator
Google’s TPU itself operates as AI Accelerator that can make the work of AI being more perfect. There are some bugs in AI, and Google’s TPU can fix it while doing some diagnostics to hint where the bugs are.

– Google Already Use It
As one of Google’s best invention, Google Office already use Google’s TPU in their database office as a basic technology of Google.

Now they are invented 3rd generation of Google’s TPU and this greatest invention of Google. Using 1.024 chips, Google’s TPU is available in public since 2018. The researcher of technology development mentioned that Googles TPU now become high precision computation in the world. After its debut commercially, now Google’s TPU also used as integrated circuit for AI accelerator.