These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today

These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today

These Communication Apps are the Most Downloaded Today – Especially during the pandemic, communication softwares and apps are crucially needed. People need the right kind of tool to communicate without leaving their home. With mobile phone is the most practical device, communication apps are the most essentials. Among so many options, the following apps are the most popular right now.

– Zoom
Enabling users to meet with multiple audiences at once, this app makes one of the most favorable one today. Zoom allows teachers and lecturers to hold an online class, which makes it a real solution for school during the pandemic. From kindergarten to colleges and universities use this app, which explain high ratio of download.

Despite the security issue found recently, Zoom still remains number one options when it comes to online communication. Aside from the academic scope, companies hold their meetings with Zoom as well, enabling them to still run the business without the need to go to the office.

– Whatsapp
Whatsapp is getting more and more popular. This app allows us to communicate with people on our contact anytime in most comfortable way. Whatsapp first offered only chat to users. However with the development on its features, users can now make video calls, sending audio text, and more.

Unlike Zoom that can be downloaded and used by multiple, Whatsapp only allows few people to be in a video chatting session. However, it is enough for a small team meeting. While the previous app is in mass category, Whatsapp is more a personal chat engine. Like online casino app for, this app can be downloaded on mobile phone for personal use.

– Google Meet
Google Meet is the rebranded name for Hangout meeting. This app is getting more popular as it is free and it allows up to 1000 participants in a single video meeting session. User needs to make a Google account, and they only need to login using this account to join a meeting.

Google Meet has been a great part of schools and companies today. Many families also decide to set up their own meeting to keep in touch during the pandemic. Good quality video, secure session, and integrated features allow users to do more during the video meeting.

If you are facing challenges in communication during the corona pandemic these days, one of the apps above should be helpful to bridge it.


3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic: Learning is Never the Same

3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic Learning is Never the Same

3 Technologies That Support Students during This Pandemic: Learning is Never the Same – The term COVID-19 was foreign for almost all. All of us don’t realize the existence, let alone predicting the pandemic. While situation changes, students need to stay home during this emergency, and this is when technologies in communication takes on even bigger role than it was. These three technologies remain the most dependable so far.

1. Video Call
This technology has been used widely in almost all aspects, from commercial to private. While calling like usual still do, video calling is often more satisfying. It allows two or more people to see each other while they are talking. This has been a helpful technology especially for those who need to live with distance between them.

During the pandemic, this has been the most popular technology for both teacher and students to contact each other. While pandemic doesn’t allow any school to open a class, online explanation is totally possible using video call feature.

2. Email
Emailing has been crucial in daily life. Especially for commercial field, emailing allows all to get all documents and procedures on going in an effective way. However, younger generation use this just moderately. With so many chatting apps and social media, students commonly communicate with email only for few occasions.

However with pandemic, students don’t get the usual lessons at school or campus so emailing takes even more crucial parts. Sending reports and assignments are done using email too among others, so it makes a fundamental communication for now. Of course, chatting apps, and social media, but emailing has been a crucial part of every day now.

3. Online Conference
This technology solves almost all challenges, if not all, of teaching learning activities during pandemic. Several lessons need teachers’ explanation, and online conference allows teachers to transfer the knowledge as if pandemic isn’t happening. Minimizing the risk of virus exposure, meeting online allows students to gain what they deserve in a safer way from home.

With so many new platforms are invented for this, schools and companies can still run almost normal during this pandemic with more options too.

While pandemic dominates this year, the invention of new technologies and platforms on communication means are pleasing. Online communication gets even more crucial than ever, which solves things during this trouble moment.


Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era

Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era

Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy in Digital Era – Communication is being one of the most important part in human life. As the effect of human needs communication now represent the fastest progress and very dynamic through years. Few years ago, people can contact someone that far away from them through voice call. This technology was highly celebrated just as how people welcome games into online forms as accessible.

And now, they can contact each other via video call and playing online live poker. More than just talking from one another, the new discovery shows brain-to-brain communication as telepathy in modern era.

What is Brain-to-Brain Communication?
The new invention shows that human brain can transfer signal that can be translated to another brain. In the past, this kind of communication is called telepathy. People usually relate telepathy to supernatural things as ghosts or the unseen. Now, telepathy can be scientifically proved. It is developed by physicist and neuroscientist.
These are some findings from the inventors:

  • WIfi Signals
    The inventors find that actually brain works like WIFI signal. It can transmitted signal to outside the brain itself.
  • Electromagnetic Waves
    To prove about telepathy or brain-to-brain communication, the inventors find that brain transmitted electromagnetic waves that can be captured with particular machines, and this signal can be translated by another brain.
    Brain-to-Brain communication aim to be one of communication way between human in the future, but it also can be an armor for countries. Thus, the researcher still develop this finding to make it perfect before sell it or can be used as an armor in countries. It is possibly used in public as well, but maybe in the future.
    How Does It Work?
    Brain-to-Brain communication basically has the same way as telephone call, but this only use some machine and human’s brain. This is the way it works:
  • Electro Encephalograms (EEG)
    This is one of the most important machine to record human’s electromagnetic wave from the brain. This machine will record this when someone’s thinking, and then make it into a statistic that can be read.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS)
    Based on the recorded from EEG machine, Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) will translate it directly to another human brain. It could be a proof that brains can communicate each other in the way the think and also from electromagnetic wave that they have made.
Brain-to-Brain Communication as a Telepathy

However, this new way of communicate, Brain-to-Brain communication still need many evaluation and development to be ready to use for public. If in the past, telepathy is only a kind of superstitious, now it proves that telepathy can be scientifically acceptable even for neuroscientist and also for physicist.


The Function of the Internet in Communication Technology

The Function of the Internet in Communication Technology

The Function of the Internet in Communication Technology – One of the significant inventions in technology giving a wide aspect to all sectors of life is the internet. Nowadays, people can communicate with others anywhere and anytime with the help of the internet. Internet connects people to a broad world outside of their box. Actually, what is meant by the internet? What are the functions of the internet in communication technology?

– What is the Internet?

The Internet can be defined as the global computer network that can deliver various information and communication to the users. It operates using certain internet protocols. People can access the information by connecting their communication devices with an internet connection. The user can open a browser for searching for any kind of information they need. They can also access site like sbobet to play their favorite online gambling games bet.

It likes a digital library where people can find anything for a second. The internet connection really affects the performance of the browser. There are many browsers which are available for free. The internet becomes the bridge for looking and giving any information to people in the world. People can access the information from their comfort zone without any worry.

– The Functions of the Internet for Communication Technology

The internet does a lot of jobs in communication technology. It provides effective communication for one person to another. People can exchange their email addresses and have communication through chat facilities which really useful for connecting people in two different places. It will make the job easier and productivity goes higher.

Effective communication will lead to good achievement and innovation. People can execute their plans as soon as possible without having to wait any longer. People can look for the information they need and conduct the live conference to make sure their plan works as planned. Fast communication with the prospective clients will make the project running smoothly and the goal can be achieved.

The Internet provides various communication applications and facilities that can help people live comfortably. With the great number of communication applications that can be downloaded for free, people don’t need to spend much money to be connected to people.

The communication technology is improving in a positive way which resulted in better sound and video call quality. People can see another clearer by having a video call and show them great things directly. It means better negotiation and great business waiting within no time.

The Internet can be defined as the global computer network that can deliver various information and communication to the users. It provides effective communication for one person to another. Effective communication will lead to good achievement and innovation. People can execute their plans as soon as possible without having to wait any longer.


The Trends of the Communication Technology that Changes the World

The Trends of the Communication Technology that Changes the World

The Trends of the Communication Technology that Changes the World – Nowadays, communication is one of the most important things in the world. People cannot do their work, education, and develop the economy without using communication. Recently, communication is getting easier day by day due to the rapid development of communication. This development can explore the new chances of the communication form. People from all around the world can communicate with each other by using this technology. They only need a short time to connect with each other. This what makes the changes in the world is getting faster now.

There are several types of communication technologies that have been invented by a scientist. These technologies can support communication from any aspect. In addition, this development will still continue in the future to create better technology that can be used by people all around the world. The first communication technology that is interesting to be discussed is Chatbots. This technology is used in the customer service section in a company. The Chatbots will provide communication between customer service and the customer. During the communication, they can explore the website in case the customer has some problems and complaints regarding the company. In addition, this technology can be used for managing thousands of complaints at a time. Then, they can give a response. The Chatbot that is developed with machine learning is more efficient than humans. Therefore, this technology is getting more popular now.

Another technology that is getting more famous now is Artificial intelligence. This technology is widely known as the technology that can give many benefits in business communication. Similarly, with the Chatbot, Artificial intelligence is developed with machine learning. This technology can be used to replace almost half of the human job in communication work. What are the benefits of the use of Artificial intelligence? Well, this technology can produce a better user interface, reliable, fast learning in user behavior, and fast response. The Google company also develop great technology in the term of communication. One of the technologies is the automated personal assistant software.

It is made from the AI-based software. The automated personal assistance software will take the responsibility of the human error, fix it, and memorize it. So, there will be no problem in the future. These technologies surely can open new possibilities in the world. It will be great to use any of these technologies.


Go Through Beyond the Walls Using WIFI

Go Through Beyond the Walls Using WIFI

Go through Beyond the walls Using WIFI – Invention in communication technology becomes massive in this last five years. All inventors doing more research about their findings only to fulfill human’s needs. Communication now is much easier while you can sit in a room while you meet virtually with your friends.

This also helps a lot when you need to meet someone far away for where you are, and technology can make the distance feels closer. For example, you can play live sbobet in also meet and communicate with new people as if they are near you. After knowing about the importance of communication technology, the next question is what is the most mind-blowing communication technology that might be invented and help human a lot?

– See Through Walls? Use WIFI
Few years ago, WIFI is only a wireless signal that can help you to connect your devices to the internet without using any cable. In 2018, finally the scientist can find that WIFI usually can help human to see what is inside the room or behind the walls without seeing it directly.

In other words, you can just say that walls are transparent because you can see it using WIFI signals. But then, how does it work?

  • WIFI Transmitter
    The main point is using WIFI transmitter to transmit the signal to devices. To see what is behind the walls or what is inside the room, you have to make sure that WIFI transmitter can transmit the signal in the room that you mean.
  • Changing Signals to Lights
    After that, prepare an app in your smartphone or laptop. This certain app can make the WIFI signals itself change into lights inside the room. Using lights, you can see what is inside the room in form of a picture. Either seeing human, or things.

This invention actually still in a development process to make sure that it is safe to be used globally due to the privacy issue in it.

– Distorted Process to WIFI Lights
The development is also talking about the safety of distorted WIFI signals into WIFI lights. Why this invention has not used globally now is because the inventors still development the safety of using this invention.

In some country, privacy issue must be the main problem of accepting this new technology. However, this is kind a mind-blowing invention from communication technology, because finally we can see that more than just connecting our gadget to the internet, we also can use WIFI to see what is behind the walls.

Now the room and even wall can possibly become transparent. Using WIFI light to see might be very useful to secure some important area, but this invention still need to be develop until one it can be used globally.


The New Smart Phones with the 5G Network Technology

The New Smart Phones with the 5G Network Technology

The 4G network technology is still considerably the best network technology that many people use to communicate at the time being. However, there are a lot of people who have tried to invent the newest and the latest network technology called 5G. This new network technology will surely take the era of smart phone into the new level that many people have been waiting for.

For your information, even though until this time there is no specific time when this new network technology will be revealed to the market, there are a lot of rumors saying that some of the biggest Smart Phone manufacturers are already on their way to prepare the new smart phones to fit this kind of new network technology. As an addition to that, there are also rumors saying that this technology will simply fit the Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that are used in a smart phone. If that rumor is true, then Samsung might be the last one to release the new smart phone with the 5G network technology. That is because Samsung does not have a lot of smart phone series that are using the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor since the best smart phones from Samsung are using the Equinox.

If you are curious, there are some brands that are already preparing the new smart phones for the new era of 5G-network technology. Some of them are LG with the upcoming LG G8, the HTC with the new smart phone called HTC U13, and also Google Smart Phone that is said to be launching the new Google Pixel 4. Among all of those names, there is also Samsung with the upcoming Samsung S10 series. However, Samsung might need some more time considering the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S9 series has just been launched in 2018.


How Famous Brand Should Adapt To The Communication Technology Development

How Famous Brand Should Adapt To The Communication Technology Development

It is no longer a secret that communication technology has directly affect the way many companies promote their brand. The topic that once is not even in the list now become the top priority and strongest means to reach the market.

Creating Personalized Message
Each brand has its own target. In the early days, company could take one message to represent the product. It is set as the messenger to the market. Then, the company goes down to the street, engaging face to face with the costumers. This is not how modern branding works. Each media has its several market in it.

By signing into the media promotion tools, the company could get real time access to the user data. It covers almost every aspects needed in branding plan. Some of them are costumers’ age, gender, last website they click, how many hours they browse the internet, etc. Isn’t it a great start for the marketing plan? The company then could make the campaign for each market category.

Seeing From Costumers’ Point Of View
Now that the company has the clear view of the market, it is time to create the branding campaign. For the record, blasting the company outloud from the highest surface in the area won’t do the trick. In this modern era, people are looking for attention.Take a closer look to all the service provider. Almost all of them set their center point to the costumer. They even voluntarily add more options based on costumer’s review.

In conclusion, any branding strategy should go down to earth. Try to get closer to the costumer. Think from their point of view. It probably easier to describe it as the quest of “why” behaviour of the costumer. The company could even do polling to determine which item attracts more consumers.

Build Relationships With Ambassador
One trend that grows in social media is online influencers. They are the group of people who have good ability to pick what topic to post. Then they gain a lot of followers. It is quite surprising to see how these people are faithful to their influencers.

In this case, the company could take advantages. These influencers are separated into certain market target. Teaming up with them will raise people’s awareness of the products. Furthermore, it is a simple way to gain the costumers’ attention.

Communication technology nowadays takes control of the market. The companies should know how to survive the competition. First, prepare a personal message to the costumers. Build it based on their preferences and habit. Then ask for help from those whom the costumers trust.


A Phone With Holographic Screen

A Phone With Holographic Screen

Have you heard about holographic screen? The gadget lovers are keep talking about it lately. This technology was first announced by RED, a camera maker company. RED’s product includes the high technology camera for film making. In 2017, RED surprisingly revealed that the company is currently working on smart phone with Holographic Screen.

How It Happened?
It is not even a close lap when the camera maker industry suddenly decides to build its own smart phone brand. The new items and terms that should be learned are too overwhelming. It is not an exception for RED. The news about the screen technology no company has ever released before is breath taking. Then, it turns out that the technology is born from the exclusive partnership between RED and Leia Inc.

This company was founded back in 2014. The brains of the company take part in the HP research lab. They find the holographic screen technology and teamed up with RED. Leila Inc introduces themselves as the “leading provider of lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile”. Upon the statement release, many parties and people at are curious to see how the technology works on a finished product.

What Is This Technology About?
Leila Inc. utilizes nano technology design that could provide the complete holographic solution. The company is going to include the technology within the software and also the hardware. Leila Inc. is trying to make outstanding performance without disturbing the normal operation of the display.

Remember in the old times, when 3D first introduced to the market? Many people go crazy over it. Since it was only available on the cinema, the long queue was seen. There is one weakness, though. They cannot enjoy the 3D sensation without the glasses. Try to put off the glass and the color will make your brain confused.

This is where RED and Leila Inc. technology come through. The holographic screen technology allows the costumers to enjoy the 3D effects from any angle. The amazing thing is you don’t need any tools. See the picture with your bare eyes. Leila Inc. takes the concept of diffraction to make it works. The company also promises that the high quality display won’t affect the battery much.

When cellphone was launched for the first time, only few people could foresee the birth of smart phone in twenty years. Now that smart phone dominates the market, many companies develop its own unique features to attract the costumers. Considering the public’s love for HD video, holographic screen will be popular in no time.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for Your New Smart Phone

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Nowadays, there are a lot of new smart phones that you can find at the market. That is because the demand for this kind of phone is increasing quite rapidly. As the result, many phone manufacturers are trying their best to release the latest smart phone models that they have. If you are looking for a new smart phone to buy this year, you can simply consider buying Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This new version of Galaxy Note is something that you will love to have.

It is not a secret anymore that Samsung is one of the best smart phone manufacturers, especially for the Android based operating system. As an addition to that, the Galaxy Note series can also be considered as one of the best series that you can get from Samsung and that is the reason why this new Samsung galaxy Note 9 is something that you should buy for your next new smart phone to play.

As the continuation of Note 8, this new Galaxy Note 9 can simply be considered as the evolution of Note 8. That is because most of the things are quite similar, but with some upgrades on this new version of Samsung Galaxy Note 9. For the start, you will be able to get the bigger RAM and battery capacity. The bigger RAM will help you handle the heavier tasks such as HD games and some editing software for phone. The 4000 mAh battery will also help you stay on the phone for the longer time. As an addition to that, you can also get the upgraded Bluetooth stylus from this Note 9 and the newly developed AMOLED screen that will give more protection to the screen of your phone. With all of those new features, it is quite hard to fight against its temptation to buy this new Note 9.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

Affordable Huawei P20 Smart Phone for People with Low Budget

Affordable Huawei P20 Smart Phone

It is not a secret anymore that you need to spend a lot of money if you are looking for the nice smart phone. That is because the era of smart phone has changed into something a bit to the higher class that needs the best performance of the smart phone. Unfortunately, that is one thing that will simply increase the price of the smart phones. Fortunately, there are still some smart phones such as Huawei P20 that is tagged for the considerably affordable price.

For your information, this new smart phone from Huawei already has some of the best technologies such as the AMOLED screen that will protect the touch screen sensor of the phone and also the fast processor that will help you do many heavy tasks on the phone. As an addition to that, the size of this smart phone is quite big, reaching 6 inches. That means you will be able to have the better entertainment experience on this smart phone. To make it even better, Huawei put the best cameras on the back of its smart phone. Yes, this Huawei P20 is using the triple camera technology that can simply generate the maximum resolution of 68 MP. That one is even better from many DSLR cameras nowadays.

However, the best of all is that this new smart phone from Huawei is considered as one of those affordable smart phones that you can get on this modern times. That is because this Huawei P20 is priced around 750 dollars only while its competitors are priced around 900 to 1,200 dollars. From that comparison alone, you can simply conclude that this new Huawei P20 is quite cheap compared with the other competitors on the same quality class. That is one great reason why you might need to buy this new smart phone.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as the Best Processors for Smart Phone

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as the Best Processors for Smart Phone

Believe it or not, the era of smart phone can be simply considered as the era that will replace the usage of computer and laptop. That is because nowadays you can find a lot of smart phones with the amazing features. As an addition to that, the development of the processors that are used on the smart phone is something that goes rapidly. Yes, that might be caused by the fact that there are a lot of people who are looking for the newest and latest model of smart phones so that the manufacturers need to make something new regularly. Of you are looking for one of the best processors for a smart phone, you need to check on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 can be considered as one of the best processors that you can find in Samsung smart phones. More than that, this processor is also believed to be the best smart phone processors until this time. That is why if you buy a smart phone with this processor, you might need to spend a lot of money.

You need to know that he previous version of Qualcomm Snapdragon, the 835 is still considered as one of the best smart phone processors on the market. However, the new Snapdragon 845 is already released so that you can be sure that this new version of processor for the smart phone will also be better. For your information, this new Snapdragon 845 has the maximum processing speed that reaches 2.8GHz while the old Snapdragon 835 only has 2.45GHz processing speed. As an addition to that, this new processor of Snapdragon 845 has been specifically manufactured to fit the need of the modern phones that have great internal storage capacity and amazing 4K camera feature. That is why the processor is only used on the high-class smart phones that use byFacebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

Some of the Amazing Features from iPhone X

Features from iPhone X

iPhone X is surely one of the best smart phones that you can find on the market nowadays. That is because this smart phone is using some of the best technologies and also features that many people love to have from an excellent smart phone. Because of that reason, there are a lot of people who want to buy this quite new smart phone even though the price of this smart phone is quite high. If you are curious what makes many of those people want to buy this smart phone from Apple even though the price is quite high, here are some of the amazing features that you will get from this new iPhone X.

The first one is the unique looking design compared with many other of its predecessors. If you are looking at the overall design of this smart phone, you will notice that this one is quite unique because iPhone X does not have a lot of bezel materials. As an addition to that, the home button is also missing from this new iPhone X. Besides the unique design, you will also get the high quality processor that will help you if you want to do a lot of heavy tasks on this phone. For information, this smart phone from Apple is believed to be better than Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which was released few months before this new iPhone X was released.

The last but not least, you will be glad to know that this smart phone is using the wireless charging technology that will let you charge your phone without having to connect the charge cable to the phone again. This is the modernity that came true. Even though this phone has been around for some months, iPhone X is still one of the most wanted one.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

Tips to Find the Best Smart Phone to Communicate

Best Smart Phone to Communicate

You cannot deny that many people nowadays are buying a smart phone because they want to use all of the features that they can find on the smart phone. That is because the features are updated regularly and if you want to make sure that you can use those new features from the smart phone, you might need to get a new one. However, if you are still old-school enough to think a smart phone as the main mean of communication, you might want to start thinking of buying the smart phone that will help you with this kind of need. To make sure that you can choose the best one, here are some of the tips that you can try.

The first one is making sure that you know exactly how you are going to communicate. If you are going to call directly from your phone, any smart phone is okay. However, if you are going to use some certain applications to call someone, you need to make sure that your smart phone is able to install that application. Or else, you are wasting your money for nothing. The second tip is making sure that your smart phone is already using the latest signal receiver to make sure that you have a good connection when you are calling someone. This one is quite important because you need a good signal strength to maintain a stable call connection.

The last but not least, you have to make sure that you get a phone with the latest data internet receiver for playing. Until this time, 4G network is still on the top of the list. However, soon enough the 4.5G or even the 5G will be invented and not all of those smart phones are able to use that kind of connection in the future.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 Edition

The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 Edition

Samsung is known as one of the biggest and the best smart phone manufacturers, especially those are based on the Android operating system. For your information, as one of the best smart phone manufacturers, in the year of 2018, Samsung has released some of the best smart phones that have been standing on the top of the list of the best smart phones. If you are curious, here are some of the best smart phones from Samsung for the 2018 edition.

The first one is Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Many of you will surely have known the greatness of the Samsung Galaxy Note and this is Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which means the quality is something that you should not ask anymore. This smart phone was released around the beginning of 2018 and that means this smart phone has been on the market for some times. However, the popularity of this smart phone is still one of the best that many people are looking for. That is one reason why the price of this smart phone from Samsung is still ranging more than 700 dollars.

The Greatest Smart Phones from Samsung for 2018 EditionThe next one is Samsung Galaxy S9. This smart phone is something that many people are waiting for this year because the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released last year so that many of them are expecting this new smart phone from Samsung will be released around the fourth quarter of 2018. Information but the phone you can find, this smart phone is considered as the evolution of Samsung Galaxy S8. That is because most of the things are quite similar, but there are some improvements and upgrades on this new Samsung Galaxy S9, especially from the performance parts. If you think this is the smart phone that you are waiting for, you need to start saving from now on because this Samsung galaxy S9 is going to be expensive.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail