A Phone With Holographic Screen

A Phone With Holographic Screen

Have you heard about holographic screen? The gadget lovers are keep talking about it lately. This technology was first announced by RED, a camera maker company. RED’s product includes the high technology camera for film making. In 2017, RED surprisingly revealed that the company is currently working on smart phone with Holographic Screen.

How It Happened?
It is not even a close lap when the camera maker industry suddenly decides to build its own smart phone brand. The new items and terms that should be learned are too overwhelming. It is not an exception for RED. The news about the screen technology no company has ever released before is breath taking. Then, it turns out that the technology is born from the exclusive partnership between RED and Leia Inc.

This company was founded back in 2014. The brains of the company take part in the HP research lab. They find the holographic screen technology and teamed up with RED. Leila Inc introduces themselves as the “leading provider of lightfield holographic display solutions for mobile”. Upon the statement release, many parties and people at are curious to see how the technology works on a finished product.

What Is This Technology About?
Leila Inc. utilizes nano technology design that could provide the complete holographic solution. The company is going to include the technology within the software and also the hardware. Leila Inc. is trying to make outstanding performance without disturbing the normal operation of the display.

Remember in the old times, when 3D first introduced to the market? Many people go crazy over it. Since it was only available on the cinema, the long queue was seen. There is one weakness, though. They cannot enjoy the 3D sensation without the glasses. Try to put off the glass and the color will make your brain confused.

This is where RED and Leila Inc. technology come through. The holographic screen technology allows the costumers to enjoy the 3D effects from any angle. The amazing thing is you don’t need any tools. See the picture with your bare eyes. Leila Inc. takes the concept of diffraction to make it works. The company also promises that the high quality display won’t affect the battery much.

When cellphone was launched for the first time, only few people could foresee the birth of smart phone in twenty years. Now that smart phone dominates the market, many companies develop its own unique features to attract the costumers. Considering the public’s love for HD video, holographic screen will be popular in no time.