Top 3 Technologies that Change Communication in 2020

Top 3 Technologies that Change Communication in 2020

Top 3 Technologies that Change Communication in 2020 – The new decade comes, and we are expecting new technologies to improve our lives. In one of the fields, innovation has taken control of communication sector, and technologies invented are amazing. This year, there are at least three technologies that will massively change the way we communicate. Here are among the talk right now:

1. 5G
While we are satisfied with 4G devices that can connect us with all the online games in, the new technology of 5G is ready to replace it. 5G is mentioned to be a new way of communicating even the Europe plan includes coverage for all major roads and railways.

5G specifically offers the possibility of slicing network, data rates that are well improved, as well as latency in ultra low level. This technology will engage government and service providers, and they way marketing and business work will change too.

2. IoT
Not many people know about this technology, but they are about to. The IoT refers to Internet of Things. This technology allows you to monitor data center and base remotely. It allows you to reach far more connected devices as well as to engage much more networks.

The downside is the risk of security breaching. It means more security steps should be made while minimizing the privacy breach as well. Considering that there are still too much we don’t know about it, this technology will impact the industry a lot later than the other technologies. Still, we should expect more updates these following weeks on this.

3. Artificial Inteligence
This technology is also known as AI, and it is used in so many fields and industries today, especially ones that connect with customers. Chat bots and virtual assistants are examples of the use of the technology today. For customers, AI helps in answering questions and solving issues, while for industries and companies, it allows them to reach customers in a much cheaper yet far more effective way.

More possible actions and tasks are developed on AI today, and we should expect more innovation on how AI used. It already plays significant role today, and it is going to be even more important.

The remaining question will be on our readiness to this advancement. Most industries will need to adapt, while customers will need to be accustomed as well. Are you excited on these technologies?

Positive Influence of Internet on Education
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Positive Influence of Internet on Education

Nowadays, as the internet has rapidly developed from its basic from for more than 40 years, it has become the platform for the flow and processing of information. Internet doesn’t only change how the information is being shared, but also the way we live. Most of our aspects in life are being influenced by internet, especially our educational aspect. The main discussion will only be on the benefits of internet on education. What are they? – Benefits of Internet for the Education Although it is proven that internet has become the useful tool and aid in our daily activities, there are still people who think that internet is not being the best educational source and, thus, it must not be used as one of the educational tools. In fact, internet has given great help to the educational system in the world. – Long Distance Education The first benefit of internet for education can be seen from the increase numbers of the universities in the world which are offering the opportunities for students to join the online courses. These online courses can be seen as the most innovative movement in the evolution of education. Students who were once dreaming of learning in the universities that they wanted had to throw away their hope due to the long distance. But, with the innovation of the online courses, they can lift up their dream to learn in their favorite universities. Now, distance is no longer the problem. Of course the success of this educational innovation is due to the online platforms and internet which make students able to learn from each corner of the world. Positive Influence of Internet on Education– Presenting the Visual Aids In education, the use of videos, visual aids, and other helpful apps can be used to attract the students’ attention. This is what is being realized by the professors and they quickly make use of the internet to make their lessons interesting and keep the students’ interest. In the past, most students would be bored and even not pay any attention to the lessons. But, by using the visual aids that can be downloaded from the internet, the students become more and more engaging in the lessons. – Unlimited Information Access With the internet, the students can access knowledge online. They can search through to find the academic research that are useful for them. They can also find papers or articles from educational experts. These are only some of the benefits of using internet for the education. There are many more benefits of internet on education that you can get.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail
The Disadvantages of Information Systems
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The Disadvantages of Information Systems

Despite of many advantages that can be obtained from the implementation of the information systems in the business run by the companies, it can’t be denied that these advanced systems in technology create its own problems. There are several disadvantages of information systems in our life.
– Disadvantages
There are several disadvantages that can occur from the implementation of information systems. The impact can influence human, culture and even country. What are they?

– Lack of Work Security and Unemployment
From the negative impacts of the information systems, the main concern is on the change of the manual work done by employees are being replaced by computer systems. Why? Because when the companies use the information system, they can save much more time to complete the tasks and also several labor mechanic jobs.

Most paperwork can be finished in such quick time, the financial transactions can be calculated automatically, and many more. As the technology is being developed to be more and more sophisticated, the tasks which are previously done by employees, now they are being completed automatically by computer systems.

You can see that some companies are now using the automated phone answering machine despite of the live receptionists. Many business experts consider that the advanced technology especially internet has created such insecurity on the human jobs. It means that the employees need to continue their learning process if they want to secure their job in the future.

The Disadvantages of Information Systems– Issues on Securities
The advanced information systems may attract hackers and thieves to get the access to the companies’ data especially on the identities. The data may include the personal data of the managements, the intellectual properties, bank records, vendor information, and many more. the hackers may distribute the companies’ data to the internet or sell the data to the rival companies or use the data to destroy the images of the companies.

For example: the hackers targeted the companies and hijack their customer information. Then, they distribute the credit card data and the social security numbers of the customers online. By doing so, the trust of the customers to the companies can be in questions and it will only bring such loss to the companies.

If the companies want to use the information systems, it is better to check its security in advanced. Make sure that they have high end security system to block any hackers who want to steal their data. Hopefully, the disadvantages of information systems won’t happen.Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail

The Uses of Technology in Our Life
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The Uses of Technology in Our Life

Although we don’t realize it sometimes, the use of technology increases every day. Most of us are now dependant to the technology. We also use several technologies to fulfill specific tasks that we perform in our life. There are various emerging technologies which influence our life in quite different ways. The implementation of technology happens in most aspects in our life as well as in the business functions. So, what are the uses of technology that happens in our surroundings?

– Technology and Business
In business, companies are now saving money to perform several tasks by using technology. If the companies are in the process of hiring employees to conduct certain tasks or executing some training to acquire such abilities, they spend so much money for that. For the use of the technology, the companies are able to scale out and deliver much higher quality consistently by using less employees or human resources. It can surely save more costs.

For example: many car manufacturers are now using more robotics in the process of creating the car frame along with its parts. By using robotics, they can increase their build and speed quality. Another example of using the technology in our daily life can also be seen from the retail stores or empires. Nowadays, they don’t tract their inventory in manual. They can track their current inventory much more accurate by using the information systems.

From business, we can see that the technology can be used to speed up the services as well as to cut down the operational costs. Although they can’t do everything with technology, it surely increases the business efficiency and also reduces the operational costs.

The Uses of Technology in Our Life– Technology and Communication
Nowadays, we can use technology to communicate instead of writing letters and sending them through the postal service so that they can deliver our message. It is true that technology makes our communication much easier. We can just draft our business message and then send it through email or fax. We also don’t have to wait for long time for your message to be received.

Technology also helps the business meetings to be done easily. By using the video conferencing, we don’t need to be worried to be late for a meeting. This video conferencing will make you attending the meeting virtually and engaging with your business partners directly.

These are just some examples of the uses of technology in our daily activities. There are many more activities that we can do by using the technology. You name it!Facebooktwitteryoutubeinstagrammail